Meet Mindi

I’m a life enthusiast and lover of fashion, food and travel. Having spent over 20 years in leadership at iconic brands such as, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, and a Drive Capital portfolio tech startup, I possess extensive industry experience delivering results and navigating the complexities of corporate life, start-up life, work travel, and parenting. As a mom and wife, I’ve learned to juggle the work-life blend, after school activities, and social calendars, while striving to remain inspired, energized, and serve as a role model for others.

I’ve continually taken several leaps of faith throughout my career, launching into a series of challenges/opportunities overseeing high risk, high reward initiatives: building teams from the ground up, transforming spaces, and executing excellent results. My experience working in enterprise sales, technology, operations and marketing, working with an array of diverse personalities, leadership styles, and differing company cultures, has produced practical insights that have shaped my approach.

My calling is truly to help others realize their fuller potential. As rewarding as life is, it comes with good days and bad days, unforeseen challenges, and ones that we may see a mile away, but feel unsure about how to tackle. I’m passionate about helping others achieve success, and I believe that each of us holds a greater potential beyond what’s in our mind’s eye.

I’ve prided myself on a life and a career built on integrity, authenticity, and putting people first. Our time together will be founded on self-reflection, candor, respect, accountability, action, and celebration.

I’m looking forward to our partnership, and helping you achieve your next version of success!


“Mindi is the embodiment of an exceptional leader. She understands the big picture and has the ability to translate this into detailed execution plans. Mindi knows how to build high performing teams and instills great loyalty from her teams in leading by example. Mindi knows how to empower her teams to achieve stated goals and objectives and she is there to support, coach and mentor them to succeed. She is an individual with high integrity and is a team player who knows how to get things done.”

- Mike King, Senior Vice President, Oracle Platinum Partner

“Mindi is very focused and driven to deliver results. She has a positive energy that can lift the spirits of a team in the toughest situations. She is very effective in working with people in a manner that is most compatible with their communication style. She has the ability to navigate tough political situations and achieve the desired results without losing site of the overall goal. I would consider myself extremely fortunate if I had the chance to work with her again.”

- Steve Piatt, Lead Architect
Fortune top 20

“She is a great listener and is able to help navigate tough issues and decisions in a very collaborative way. I always felt like Mindi's most important customer as we worked through strategies or had challenges with key projects. She holds herself and others accountable and stays focused on delivering what is "right".”

- Pete Mattingly, Head of Branch Administration & Operations
Fortune top 20

 “Mindi is a true role model for those around her. She is extremely confident, innovative and energetic. People are naturally drawn to her and she generally finds the positive in any situation…as a people leader, Mindi thrives on mentoring and developing those around her. She takes the time to get to know her associates and helps focus on their areas of strength and opportunity.”

- Chassity Dougherty, Director
Fortune 400

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