“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Yves Saint Laurent

Does your style reflect the way you feel, or how you want others to see you? Your style confidence lies within you. And at Mindi.StyleCo, helping you show up to the world the way you’ve always wanted to, a way which aligns with your personality, heart, and inner voice, is my personal passion.

Women and men alike, know the power and confidence that comes with feeling put together. Knowing how and when to execute the right style pieces, like choosing a great pair of denim that fits just right, or when to understate your outfit while paired with a fun statement heel, or deciding how much pop of color will add the perfect bit of flair, can make the difference in creating a put together look and style that will leave you feeling amazing about you, and, it can boost your energy and confidence to meet the world as you would like the world to experience you.

Your new style awaits you. Together, we’ll partner to:

  • Assess your current style, preferences, and comfort zones
  • Identify your dream or desired state
  • Develop a plan that transitions or transforms your current style from where you are to your new style
  • Curate looks, tips and techniques to keep you styled with confidence 

Mindi.StyleCo Offers

Complete style transformation
Wardrobe refreshing
Event styling
A new day look (style refresh)
Personal shopping

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